Unisex Reversible Sweatshirt vest Street art



Following the success of our Street Maze print, we are bringing a new style using the same print!

This short sleeve oversized sweatshirt can be worn with the print at the front or at the back for 2 looks in 1!

One side has got a stain-proof shell for messy times (up to 12 years old only, the teen sweatshirts don't)

Let your kids be creative with their styling and wear it with the print at the front or at the back.

The stain-proof front is super useful for meals and messy plays!

Lining: A blend of recycled cotton, organic cotton and recycled polyester
Shell made with lightweight polyester 


The garments are designed in London and made in Bulgaria by a high quality, ethical and sustainable factory. 

Our printing process uses plant-based inks which is better for workers and the planet

We designed our garment specifically to reduce the number of machine wash need, which tends to reduce garment's lifespan and use a lot of water.

No humans or animals were mistreated while making this garment

Sizing & Fit
We know kid's sizing can be tricky. Here's a little help:
3-4 years old corresponds to 98cm to 109cm.
5-6 years old corresponds to 110 to 121cm
7-8 years old corresponds to 122 to 127cm
8-9 years old corresponds to 128 to 132cm
9-10 years old corresponds to 133 to 144cm
11-12 years old corresponds to 145 to 155cm
Teens (or 13+ years old) corresponds to 155cm to 165cm. From small to extra large the width is the main change

Care & Maintenance
Machine wash inside out at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle.
Wipe off stains from the shell as much as possible instead of putting the whole garment in the washing machine, so it will last longer
Don't tumble dry or bleach