Buying clothes online can be a hit or miss especially on sizing.

Depending on where the brand is based, kids clothes sizes can vary a lot!
As an example: at 6, my son would wear 7-8 year old from a French brand, but 5-6 from a US brand.😱
And don't get me started with these measurement tables that are making it sometimes even harder! Who has the time to look at these?🤔

I spent a lot of time figuring out how to benchmark the sizing for Vandalkids.
From looking at my son's medical book charts, to studying those big brands’ charts.
And I can say we are more or less inline with big UK brands such as M&S and John Lewis.
And to provide a little more help, instead of a big table with many measurements, we created a fun and simple chart that gives you the measurement of the clothes themselves...🤩

Because I think it’s easier to measure a still piece of clothing at home to compare than a hyper active kids 😜

kids clothes sizing