January 24, 2024 4 min read

Doesn't Winter make dressing kids feel like a never-ending challenge?

In the blissful days of Spring and Summer, our little ones revel in the freedom of comfortable clothing allowing their bodies to breathe, and move with less restriction.

But then, the colder months roll in, and the struggle begins to layer them up, consuming precious time in the process.

When I founded Vandalkids, my primary goal was to simplify the lives of parents and offer clothing truly tailored to kids. I delved into extensive research to determine the key areas where children need coverage to feel comfortably warm.

Moreover, I explored ways to make the layering process a breeze, considering the constant fluctuations in kids' activity levels and their difficulty in regulating body temperature – going from still to super active in a matter of minutes, transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments without a desire for a complete outfit change.

As a result, I've gathered some valuable tips to keep your little one(s) warm without the unnecessary fuss.

Let's navigate the winter wardrobe challenge together!

FIRST OF ALL, let's debunk some myths about the cold:

Catching a cold is NOT due to the cold itself and not wearing warm clothes outside.

If we are more often ill in Winter, it's because viruses thrive more in dry cold air and because we spend more time indoor where viruses spread more easily.

So, in cold temperatures, it's important to keep exercising outside and it's about keeping the body warm to be comfortable and to not drain ourselves trying to keep our temperature up. Which in itself can make it harder for the body to fight infections.

Our tracksuits, made of cotton fleece and water/wind resistant shell are the best winter gears for kids around and you're in luck because they are on sale now! 


Now, let's dive in:

The most important areas of the bodies to keep warm are: hands, feet, ankles, neck, head and chest. I have put together some tips by area:


- Prioritise clothes with deep comfy pockets for their hands but also to store gloves, hats, neck warmers etc.

- Cut the tips of the gloves so kids can still have 100% of their hand dexterity.

- Make sure they have warm socks that cover the ankles as well as waterproof, yet breathable, shoes that are not too tight or too high so they can run comfortably, move their toes and not sweat.

- Joggers with elasticated cuffs like the Vandalkids ones, are also great to avoid cold air coming up the legs. Shop here



Contrary to popular belief, the head is not a greater source of heat loss than any other adequately covered body part. If you can keep your kids' torso warm, you’ll maintain blood flow to their limbs and can often keep the arms, legs, hands and feet warm.

- Many kids don't like to zip their coat and layer long sleeves over long sleeves, so layer short sleeves with long sleeves as too keep the torso warm without the fuss!

- Vandalkids' short-sleeved hoodies and sweatshirt, with a windproof and shower proof chest are your perfect gear when that coat doesn't zip up or ends up in your hands as your kids starts being active!

The back is fully breathable so no sweating either after a running session in the park!

- Add a cotton long sleeve turtleneck under and you're set for a temperature changing day!




While it's a good idea to wear a winter hat to feel cosy, it's more important to keep the neck warm (to avoid it going stiff) and ensure the head stays dry:

- A neck warmer is more practical than a classic scarf: less bulky and easier to store in a small pocket

- A fine turtleneck base layer would be more comfortable than a bulky jumper with zips at the neck.

- A warm and water-resistant hood would be better than a knitted hat not only to stay dry but also to avoid loosing it.

The Vandalkids hoodies have a shower-proof shell and snap buttons to tighten the neck and keep both head and neck warm as well as dry, without the risk of losing it!





Feeling cold on the lower back or belly is never a nice feeling and walking around with a wet bum from sitting on a cold or wet bench is not fun.

Prioritise long tops and high rise trousers with a snuggly stretchy cotton waistband like our joggers, so they don't sweat when in contact with the skin.

The back of our joggers have a water resistant shell that will keep your kids dry and warm when sitting on a cold/wet surface.

I hope this was helpful and also convinced you how the Vandalkids tracksuits can make a real difference during Autumn Winter.

Bearing in mind that our hoodies and sweatshirt are really all year long items anyway.


Blog written by Kat Vandal, founder of Vandalkids