Vandalkids: It's not just about the clothes

As I'm a bit of an arts and craft and upcycling addict, I couldn't resist adding a little surprise to the Vandalkids garments.

The hang tag (or swing tag), has not only been made from recycled paper but was also designed to be upcycled into a necklace with a long string that you can untie and knot again, with a reinforced eyelet.

It could also be used as a Christmas tree decoration.

All you need to do is cut the diamond and customise stickers or glue and it as you wish with anything you can find at home. Gems, pom-poms, feathers, chocolate wrapping foil (the Ferrero Rocher ones are great), kitchen foil, pipe cleaners, glitters, nail polish etc.

It's a great way to prolong the Vandalkids experience, keep your kids busy, teach them about upcycling and giving back as they could either use this upcycled necklace for themselves or as a gift to whoever bought them the clothes (or anyone they want to).

I'd love to see everyone's creations so if you are comfortable posting on Instagram please tag @vandalkids_london , else you can email me your photos on

I'll make sure you I give you a 10% discount code for you next purchase :-)

Here are a few examples to give you inspiration:


swing tag upcycled into necklace
hang tag upcycled into necklace
hang tags upcycled into necklaces