First of all, at Vandalkids, we believe that the number one step for a more sustainable fashion industry is to reduce quantities and wear garments for longer.

But here are the 5 sustainable initiatives that we are taking as a brand:

1. Our volumes are low and we operate a slow fashion model:

We will have only 2 collections a year (Autumn/Winter and Spring/summer) and we aim at designing timeless garments. We have a small amount of styles per collection as well, focusing on the essentials and multi purpose garments.

We are about being relevant, not trendy.


2. We produce locally from fabrics that have also been sourced locally and we sell locally*


3. Our designs have been thought through to improve longevity of the garments

Our hoodie and trousers are have water resistant layers to protect the cotton fleece where clothes suffer the most: front of the hoodie and back of the legs (food-proof, paint-proof, mud-proof... in a word: mess-proof).

Which means that:

- Stains can be easily wiped off with a sponge rather than sinking in the fabric

- You won't need to wash the garment in the washing machine as often which in itself contributes to wearing off fabric, losing shape and using a lot of water

We have also added a layer on the knees which will reduce** the likelihood of knee holes.

Our hoodie is designed to also last through out the years as being oversized and short sleeved.

Our trousers are quite baggy and long but have tight ankle cuffs and an adjustable waist with buttons and elastics to also allow for a longer use of it.


4. Our print on the sweatshirt, hoodie and trousers is using plant-based inks

Traditional inks use a petroleum-based carrier and are known as solvent-based inks. When they dry, these solvents release volatile organic compounds into the air, which causes poor air quality and adverse health in print employees.

While all forms of textile printing have an environmental impact, digital textile printing methods combined with newer, eco-friendly (i.e plant-based in this instance) inks can help reduce waste, pollution, and the amount of volatile organic compounds released which is better for the employees.


5. As for the other elements around the garment, we use:

- FSC Brown paper bags for deliveries

- Recycled paper hang tags that your little one can upcycle into a necklace

- Recycled plastic polybags to protect the garments individually


*In Europe (some in the UK, some in Bulgaria)

**We cannot guarantee no knee holes at all, but our design will improve the resistance