June 26, 2021 2 min read

The reason I created Vandalkids came from my own experience as a mum buying clothes for my son.

I noticed that clothes were not really adapted to kids and their messy lifestyle.

Most of them ended up being disposable because of how quickly they would get stained, damaged, or just worn off after a few washes.

I thought a change was needed to make parents lives easier but also be kinder to the planet by making clothes that would be more practical and more durable.

That was the initial idea behind Vandalkids: Giving our cheeky kids who are like little vandals when it comes to clothes, some gears that they could be creative, active with without worrying about staining them or damaging them.


After prototyping clothes that were more resistant, fully waterproof for instance, I also realised that these could be uncomfortable.

There are lots of options that are sturdy and resistant out there, but they are not always breathable as fully waterproof, they are stiff, not soft on the skin, and end up being quite occasional for rainy days, trekking, skiing.


After interviewing a lot of parents and because my son is so fussy when it comes to clothes, I decided that the mission wasn’t just to make durable clothes but combine durability and comfort which was what was hard to find.


It took a lot of research and prototyping: combining comfortable fabrics such as cotton with waterproof polyester for the durability factor is not an easy task. You need to think about the difference of shrinkage between woven fabric and knitted fabrics, it is considered an innovative and complicated design that not every factory or sample maker can deal with.

But we did it and my son helped so much trying them all and giving me feedback


The 2 main pieces I designed are the best of both worlds between outdoor and indoor.

The whole garment is made with cotton fleece that is super soft on the skin, like comfy winter tracksuits.


But I added waterproof layers where the clothes suffer the most, where they get the most wet, stained, damaged.  


And because I worked with panels rather than covering the whole outfit with a waterproof layer, the garments are still breathable and stretchy enough to feel like tracksuits.

So your Kids can wear them with no fuss and without worry, outdoor, indoor, they can run, fall, sit in the dirt, paint, eat, chill at home without having to constantly get changed from one activity to another.