November 17, 2023 4 min read

I am excited to introduce to you British Street Artist Kober, who I am collaborating with for my new Capsule collection "Art is my Superpower".
Kober designed 3 of his signature robots called Kobots, adding a ‘Vandalkids’ touch to them: from streetwear style to art tools used as weapons to spread creativity.

We worked very closely with KOBER to produce a meaningful campaign, because I always want to tell a story that resonates with, or inspire customers rather than just launch commercial or ‘pretty’ designs.

This campaign is rooted in the belief that art is a superpower because it's a catalyst for happiness and a tool for communication: it can help people express themselves, communicate with the world, support causes, it's also an act of self-love as art is truly therapeutic and can help calm anxiety.

And most of all, making art is inclusive because it's subjective, there is no right or wrong, just the joy of creating something and sharing it. It doesn't require specific talent, skills or studies, it's about experimenting with shapes, colours and textures in a way that feels good.

Here are a few questions I asked Kober for you to get to know him more:
Could you please introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Kober and I am a London based designer and artist and founder of Kober Design.  My work is typically digital based and this gives me the opportunity to work with a number of brands irregardless of where they are based.


What is Kober design and what is its mission?

Kober Design is a venture born out of a life long love of art and design. My mission is to be part of the movement to get art out there and part of that is working with brands such as VK!


How, when and why did you start it?

Art and creativity is something I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember but like most, as an adult this was something I engaged with less and less. This enjoyment was reignited when I became a parent as I think it’s really important children are provided the opportunity to be creative as a form of self expression and I found myself drawing and creating again. Overtime this has evolved into Kober Design and ultimately led to this collaboration!


What is the favourite design (or collection) you have done and why?

That’s a hard question! Every time I start work in a new design it is automatically my favourite! I created a series of NFTS based on ice creams called Kreepy Kones which was fun! I also really like the series of sneaker based designs I created as I like to take something people know and love and then put my own spin on it. The KoBot character we have used for VK is also something I like to use as a common theme in my art too and something I will be developing more art around in the future.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I’m from London so I’m surrounded by street art so how can anyone not be inspired? This especially lends itself to urban, graffiti based art. I also draw inspiration from modern culture - cartoons, video games, fashion, music and the skate scene. Plus, the London and UK art scene is so big right now and there’s so much out there with galleries and pop ups, it’s easy to find inspiration.


What service and merch do you sell?

Due to the versatility of digital art it’s provided me the opportunity to work with lots of different brands through commissions. I like the challenge of taking someone’s idea and working with them to deliver a design. Sometimes people have a very clear idea of what they want and sometimes you’re given full artistic license. At the end of the process it’s amazing seeing where the design might end up - maybe as a company logo, on clothing, sports apparel or food labels. Currently I sell stickers and limited edition art prints but by working with brands like VK this has given me lots of new ideas about future products, so watch this space!

Visit Kober's shop here

Stay tuned for Vandalkids x Kober posters/stickers and clothes bundles!


A favourite subject for Vandalkids: How do you think we can help kids to be creative and stay creative when they grow up?

Creativity offers so much - it is an amazing outlet for kids by letting them allow their imaginations to run wild and experiment with different colours and textures. In my opinion, creativity is not promoted enough in adults and that’s why we see so few engaging in it. Through working with Vandalkids on this collaboration I’m hoping this will help inspire the next generation of artists and at the same time will also inspire adults to pick up a pen or brush and reconnect with that creative side that is often lost in adulthood.  


What do you think of Vandalkids’ clothes and mission?

I love it! Creativity should not be hindered by what you are wearing and I like the green aspect of the clothes being durable! I really identify with the brands thoughts around creativity being a tool for success and happiness so what are you waiting for?  We all have a creative side - go do something with it!


Thank you for your time and your amazing designs Kober!

Kat Vandal