February 05, 2024 2 min read

I have been asked a few times what is the best method to apply an iron-on patch on clothes and what types of fabrics are best, so here are some tips.

First of all, an iron-on patch is a patch designed to be easily adhered to clothes or other materials using heat. It has an adhesive layer on the back that become activated when heated with an iron. You can identify an iron-on patch by feeling the back – it usually has a smooth and slightly shiny surface, as opposed to the ones you need to sew.

There are seven main types of patches, including embroidered, PVC, chenille, woven, leather, name, and printed patches. Vandalkids have a mix of embroidered and woven decorative designs.

Iron-on patches work best on cotton, polyester, or cotton-polyester blends. Avoid using them on materials like nylon, vinyl, leather, and rayon, as these may burn during application.

The durability of iron-on patches varies, and their lifespan is influenced by factors such as fabric type and washing instructions. Patches don't usually "like" fabric conditioner.

Washing instructions:

-  Wash inside-out at 30 to 40 degrees on a gentle cycle

- Do NOT put the garment in the dryer!

- First washing of the pressed patch can take place after 48 hrs. 

Good to know: you can use our patches on all the Vandalkids clothes, even the stain-resistant fabric (it's polyester, not nylon).

How to apply:

Make sure your garment is clean and has been washed without any fabric conditioner before starting the application process.

1) Preheat your iron to the highest setting suitable for the fabric and make sure the steam mode is off.

2) Place a cloth or parchment paper under the fabric if you are covering a big hole, so it will prevent the patch from sticking to the other side of the garment or to the surface under.

3) Place another cloth or parchment paper over the patch

4) Iron it for a minute without rubbing, just press

5) Flip and iron on the back in the same way

6) Let it cool.

If a patch doesn't adhere properly, it might be due to insufficient heat or the wrong iron setting. You can re-iron with more pressure or use fabric glue for a more permanent solution.

While iron-on patches are not as permanent as sewing, proper application and care can make them last a long time. They can be removed by applying heat with an iron, and they are generally machine washable if applied correctly.

I hope this helps!

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